Thursday Greenwood Doors #thursdaydoors

Yesterday I went antiquing in nearby Greenwood, an area about 25 minutes southwest of where I live in Earlysville. The weather was perfect and a lovely backdrop for driving amongst the farms and newly budding trees and shrubs along the way. 

Here are the doors I met.
My goal yesterday was finding an art piece for a specific spot in my home. I brought home one watercolor (found at Greenwood Antiques & Uniques) but left behind the other, larger rubbing art piece (found at Hey Day Antiques & Vintage in C'ville). I'm trying to practice restraint when it comes to bringing anything else into my world and I thought about this coppery lady all evening and today when I woke.

I returned to get her this morning and thankfully she was waiting for me! She brings me such joy and I will introduce you to her soon.

Happy Thursday to all you door enthusiasts - I'll be visiting you soon to see what you've discovered since last week. If any of you are new readers and don't know about Dan's Thursday Doors challenge, visit his site, No Facilities, for weekly, eclectic door gifts from around the world. Until next time...🚪


  1. I regret finding someone to explain that little ‘building’ but plan to return so will ask and share. That turquoise door was so pretty hanging in the store. I’d hang that on my porch any day!

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  2. I completely understand you dilemma with the art you wanted to bring home! I find that top left little building interesting and I also like the somewhat shabby turquoise door with the wreaths. It just has something. 🙂



  3. These are delightful doors. Kudos on your restraint, short lived as it might have been. I guess the fact that you went back means you’re certain it’s the right decision. I like these doors, especially the sentry.

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