Thursday right-under-my-nose Doors!


I had a recent discovery right in my own house! I’ve had these doors resting on my staircase landing for about ten years and always thought them to be shutters. Until recently. On a January day I had my fireplace serviced and the rep helped me see them differently.

I was sitting on my foyer steps writing out a check and chatting with my new favorite repairman when he commented on the ‘beautiful doors up there.’  I barely comprehended his comment. Was he referring to the antique, beat up, weathered shutters that STILL were not hanging on the window above my front door? When I bought them I imagined them accenting this indoor window but I lost that battle years ago. So here they rest on my landing.

The repairman told me how he COLLECTS doors along with other antiques and he liked mine quite well. I did admit my misidentification of them, shared with him how I found found these hiding in a Carytown art loft in Richmond, VA.  The artist said they’d come from another site originally, a farm I think, but don’t remember the entire story. Anyway,  the artist was clearing his space and I was eager to assist! When my repairman left I took a closer inspection and learned more about my new, old find!

First, I took a close look at the DOOR PULLS on each door. Immediately I realized I’ve had them upside down as revealed by the shadow marks left by the rings seen in the photos above. I then looked at the hinge and it really is more of a bolt closure that speaks ‘door’ rather than window shutter.  As I study these pictures and go back and look at my doors I know why I positioned them as I did. It is because I am a lefty and I would work that bolt from the left toward the right. We lefties are so inconvenienced!!!


Here are side views of the doors where you can see the hinges from where they once hung. They could be window hinges, right?


And here they are hanging as they are meant to, right side up. They do look new and different to me and note the larger panels now sit on top. I guess I do like them this way.


Here you can see square nails used to fabricate these sweet, miniature doors. They are throughout the wood and visible on both sides of the wood.


It is true we should be open to new perspectives. I find this one interesting but still  am perplexed as to why I never saw the doors right under my nose!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all and may you receive sweet treats, flowers, cards, or whatever it is that makes your heart skip a beat! Thank you Norm for another installation of Thursday Doors. Until next time. ♥


    • The square nails are handmade for certain, we are them here quite a bit on the historical colonial homes and structures. They do date my doors, I just wish I knew from which farm they came. That would be helpful.


  1. What an interesting find. I understand your confusion though, once we “see” something there isn’t usually much reason to wonder about it. They are nice looking antiques.


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