Thursday Chicago Doors

A few weeks ago Mr. E’ville and I visited our daughter who is working in Chicago this summer. In only three days we managed to cram in as much as possible and once sitting in O’hare for our return trip, we both felt satiated. We ate wonderful food, we visited iconic spots and well known structures, we walked off all that we ate and drank, we experienced the ‘L’ and the bus systems, we even saw fireworks and it wasn’t a holiday. Chicago, you’re an incredible city and I understand why my daughter doesn’t want her time to end in your magical town. I was sad when my short jaunt came to an end.  Throughout our frenzied adventure I collected a few photos and I thank my people for letting me lag behind while not leaving me behind.

These doors are THE doors I had my sites on when traveling to Chicago. I’d read about them not too long ago and knew I wanted to ‘spy them with my little eyes’ if ever I found myself in the windy city. These bronze art nouveau doors originally were the entrance to an 1880’s jewelry store on State Street, The House of Peacock, but today are displayed at the entrance to the Palmer House Hilton Hotel on Monroe Street. They were created by american artist Louis Tiffany.

The Peacock Doors, Palmer House
Close-up details of Peacock doors. I wanted to touch…but did not.

As we explored the city, the bronze theme continued. It complemented the limestone and other materials within the architecture and surrounds.



We found brass in many foyers. I call these the Chanel doors although I believe the double C’s stand for Carbide and Carbon.




This concludes my bronzy Chicago door tour-I hope to return for more exploration of this unique city resting on green-blue waters similar to what I saw in Croatia. I’m not kidding. This east coast girl was stunned to see such dazzling, natural waters flowing through the city as we have no colors like this here in Virginia.

H2O as pretty as Croatia!

Thank you Norm for hosting us door fanatics again this week. Walk through this link to see what he and others across the globe are sharing from their Thursday Doors collections. Until next time…


  1. This post reminded me of the many reasons why I love Chicago 😀
    I captured the Peacock doors myself on a visit there a few years ago. The lobby of that hotel is so grandiose you just don’t know where to look.
    You got some nice shots of the C & C doors too – nicely done.

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    • Thanks Norm. We did venture further into the hotel and yes it is quite ornate! I was surprised how busy it was for the early morning hour when we were there. Big city living I guess!


    • Thank you Judy. I was in Chicago many moons ago but remember so little about that trip. This visit was so full, and for pleasure, I think I’ll cling to most all my memories.

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  2. Your photos are lovely as are the doors. So cool to see such detail in doors. It was a different time when these doors were made, but I’m glad that someone now is looking after them.

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