Thursday Culpeper Doors

Culpeper, Virginia is a nearby small town I visit now and again for this and that. On this particular trip I was in need of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and was headed to Poppy + Chalk. There are several shops along this main street and if you have the time to visit and meander, I recommend taking a break to browse, eat, and shop. And of course admire some of Culpeper’s pretty doors. I’ve shared Culpeper in an earlier post but believe these doors are new for you.

These two tall, thin doors were the first to greet me getting out of my car. I knew it would be a good morning!


The following doors are all in and around St. Stephens Episcopal Church. It seemed red would be the theme of the day.


Here was the exception, a lonely green door hiding around back.


These shadows of doorways were too interesting to leave out.


As was the evidence of spring…


And now to check on what the rest of you have found and posted in your doorworlds. Thank you again Norm for organizing us weekly and giving as the space to share our doorvotions! Click here if you’d like to visit. Until next time…


    • Very good point! The first one most likely does as this was a side door but not certain about the second. It opened onto a main street so hopefully a larger back entrance.

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  1. Red works for me, but I’m baffled by the skinny doors. Encouraging self-control while eating perhaps. 🙂 I also love the signs of spring. I’m enjoying them here, too, although we’re much farther behind.


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  2. This was a fun post. That narrow door in the first few shots is fascinating. It always makes me wonder why it was made this way and what it was used for, and then I start thinking about building codes, and why things get standardized and regulated, and then I start searching online for answers to my questions, and then three hours go by and I suddenly realize I was supposed to be doing something 😀


  3. I do like the slim #249, too. We don’t see many of them but they catch my eye every time. That day I remember to be a nice flowing kind of day…no hurry (which is NEVER!) and the weather was ambient, flowers and trees were budding. A unexpected unplanned type day that was perfect in it’s imperfections. So glad I captured it.


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