The Gentlest Love

20171025_162320.jpgWatching you slow and lose your step

Sends me jumping to your side

To be for you what you no longer are.

The strong, running legs that never failed

As you chased your ball, the squirrels, a cookie

Hidden in a blanket for your seeking pleasure.

And now you hardly enjoy the sun anymore

Where before you’d play for hours outside

As clouds passed overhead and grasses held you softly.

Yet I watch and see your upturned nose

Catch a whiff of yesterday in the passing autumn breeze

Is it bringing a bit of joy and spring back to you?

If so, breathe it in sweet girl!

And remember how life once was

When everything worked and sleep was easy.

Your bright eyes and velvet ears fail so trust

The scents and your memory

To bring you home to all that feels right.

And as you lie here beside me on this rare occasion

soaking up a bit of afternoon warmth

I wonder does your age feel on you as mine does on me?

For I too have eyes and ears that are not

What they were when we first met

And creaky joints that speak to me louder than before.

So my dear sweet companion, in your gentle grace

I will take cues from you on aging as we

Pass through these final days together.

I expect you to tell me when you’ve had enough

And find it is time to move forward

Leaving me behind to sit on this porch solo.

Yet I suspect I won’t truly be alone20171025_162225.jpg

For I will find you in every neighborhood path walked,

Every snowfall bringing a good ball digging day,

And fishing on the dock at sunset.

These are some of your favorite things that will

Bring you back to me and how reassured I am knowing

You will.



  1. I have tears in my eyes, and a lump in my throat. Our Diva Dog is showing signs of ageing, and on so many meds right now. It’s heartbreaking knowing the end is coming. I am not ready.

    I loved your words, and tribute to your sweet girl.

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  2. Denise,

    What a beautiful tribute to Emmy and blessed you have been to have each other through so many highs and lows. As much as she depends on you, this lovely message tells me just how much she has meant to you in return. I can only imagine how difficult it is to watch her slow down, but your words help me understand a little better.

    Love you, Friend.



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  3. This is a beautiful post. It gave me goosebumps. Several years back, my favorite pup, Ginger, a collie mix, started to have hip and leg issues. When she got to the point that she couldn’t walk hardly at all, I had to make that last decision that a pet owner never, ever wants to make. She was my constant companion outdoors, and she loved sitting under our weeping willow tree. So, that is where I buried her ashes knowing that she would always be comfortable and shaded by the sweeping branches. 🙂

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