Chestnut: Is this still a hair color?

How appropriate that today’s ‘Color Your World’ color challenge is chestnut. Today, January 26th, is my mother’s day of birth. She would be 85 and no doubt fashionably coiffed with a bit of her chestnut strands dancing amongst the age revealing silver she was just beginning to reveal in 2006, the year she left us.

I have a few photos of my mother throughout the years and always, always her hair was lovely. She ran from the camera as she aged and how I long for a terrific photograph from the years when she made the greatest impression on me. I carry those stills in my mind, it’s true, but don’t we all cherish the moments from our pasts captured on film, framed and displayed, for our daily consumption?

If chestnut is still a hair color, then I shall for this day rename it ‘Shades of Sue’ in honor of my mother, who wore it so well.

My response to JNW’s Color Your World ChallengeChestnut.


  1. Oh, this is such a beautiful post. Your mother was also a very beautiful woman. Somehow, the black-and-white format that disallows me to experience the chestnut tone of her hair… also triggers my imagination. I imagine a rich, beautiful colour that is characteristic of chestnut trees, with their russet undertones. I’m sure this is very close to reality. ❤

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  2. Your mother is so beautiful on those pictures .. such sweet memories, I understand how chestnut has a special meaning for you 😉


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