Who Would I Be?

Who would I be had I not met you? No coincidence

Certainly not the me standing before you today.

Because of you I’ve made choices-some good, some bad.

Some we’ve made together-doubly good, doubly bad!

Because of you I cast my love net wide and far

And know it will come back to envelop me when I am old.

Because of you I laugh hard and often and without judgement

And I am rewarded with the same appreciation reflected back at me.

Because of you I learned my place in life;

It is never above or below but always beside my peers.

Because of you I collect friendships everywhere I go.

You were my first and taught me well.

Because of you I learned how to care for those who are small and defenseless.

Each relationship is uniquely special and deeply enriching.

Because of you my heart is forever fractured

But I will not be defined by this scar.

Because of you I am always reminded to ‘Act like a lady’

When I otherwise might care to act otherwise!

Because of you I know how to face a crisis with grace and tenacity

When inside my heart, mind and soul have lost their way.

Because of you I forgot how to pray, to hope, to dream.

May you never come back in my life.

Because of you I can pinpoint my heart’s desire

I didn’t leave mine here-instead picked up one for a lifetime.

Because of you, when you return each year, hope springs eternal.

White all around, falling, answering, holding me close reminding me all is clean and good once more.

You are the people, things, places who’ve touched me since my birth and without you, who would I be?

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