Bio: A Virginia native, I was born in RVA. In my twenties I married and moved to SoCal where I learned to love a new landscape, was forced to drop my ever present southern 'ma'am', and discovered the necessity of honing my (lacking) map skills. In due time I found myself in C'bus where our daughter arrived and gladly I put myself second. Next city on tour was the 'Burgh (as in PA) and here we welcomed our son. Many years later, I now reside in E'ville, Virginia, Earlysville for those of you who may not know of my sleepy little hamlet resting within Charlottesville in the piedmont of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As I look back over the the abbreviated stops along my life's highway I know I've stepped foot in every spot, met every person, and experienced every high and low for exacting yet unknown reasons bringing me to where I am today. The who I am today is because I travelled that highway, made those stops, and dared to believe I do have it all.

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  1. Hi
    I have been following your blog for years and never knew your blog name was for the town of Earlysville
    I met you through the Thursday Doors challenge and so I always liked your photos – I later discovered how much I loved your poetry and use of words to grab life and show us things with words!

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  2. I’ve always wanted to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains area. I drove across the country with a girlfriend a few years ago and thought I had a chance. Unfortunately, it was during a VERY cold March and the road conditions weren’t favorable. But, I did discover that your part of the country is amazingly beautiful and I’m sure I’ll get back there one of these days. I look forward to exploring your blog!

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    • I do hope you get the opportunity to return east, it is beautiful here. And I love (and miss at times) your west coast beauty that is so unique! While living there I felt we existed in another world. Ojai was one of my favorite places to explore!

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  3. You sound an interesting person, I don’t know any American gals, although I’ve met a few bloggers. I look forward to following your adventures. I’m from England, but we sail our yacht in Greece. Have you ever been to UK?


    • Hi Georgie, no, I’ve never been to the UK but do want to travel there.It is on my bucket list! Thank you for visiting me here and I wonder did you watch the recent futbol championships? I recently fell for the sport while travelling in Croatia where we watched several matches with the locals. I continued watching here in the US up until the final game where sadly Croatia lost. It was a fun time to become involved in the sport!


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