Thursday Q31 Doors #thursdaydoors

Per usual, I pass this historical marker (and oodles more) when going into town and have never bothered to read about the Monticello Wine Company. Today I did. The building housing the Monticello Wine Company, circa 1873, stood in the middle of Perry Drive until destroyed by fire in 1937. The wine company existed for 43 years until prohibition hit Virginia in 1916. Wines were made from local vineyards and eventually won high level awards for excellence in Virginia and abroad, becoming the largest winery in the south. During this time of successful and recognized wine production, Charlottesville claimed itself Virginia's 'capital of the wine belt'. Cheers to that! 

Sadly, there are no doors to photograph from this long, lost treasure but I did locate nearby the home of Adolph Russow, the manager and chief wine maker of the Monticello Wine Company.

Thanks for reading me today. To learn more about this bit of my local history, click here and here. Thank you, Dan, for hosting our weekly Thursday Doors challenge where door lovers from around the globe share old, new, painted, stained, ornate, plain, ghost, iron, glass, church, barn, city, country, double, single, big, small, open, and closed doors. Have you a door to add? Until next time...🚪
circa 1875 Russow (left) with other principals of the Monticello Wine Company
photo obtained from facebook


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