Thursday Leaping Lizard Doors

My son and daughter-in-law recently relocated to Pace, Florida and before they left Norfolk, Virginia, Mr. E'ville and I  grabbed lunch with them at the Leaping Lizard Café located in nearby Virginia Beach. Two points to make: 

1. If you ever find yourself nearby, go to this eclectic, cozy restaurant. You will be happy you did.
2. If it is good enough for Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives' host Guy Fieri, it's good enough for you! (and me!)

Let me know if you've been or plan to go sometime. It is delicious!

This pretty blue door welcomes you in for an excellent gastronomic experience.
I realized later I captured half a door while taking a selfie with a café resident!
These are Sebastobal Geese, also known as Wedding Dress Geese, who live on the restaurant grounds. They do very much resemble elegant brides, however on this particular day looked a bit 'ruffled' as they were bathing in their pool.
If you've not visited Dan of No Facilities, his Thursday Doors challenge is where we lover of doors share our weekly finds. I'll meet you over there now!
Until next time...


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