More Pumpkins

Over the past two months I’ve shared my early pumpkin patch pictures along with the maturing and demise of the single, ginormous pumpkin to grow on the vine. Once it was obvious he was a melted mess of a gourd, I heavily trimmed that vine as it had taken over my front walkway.

from this…
…to this

I was very careful while trimming the vines, looking for any new budding gourds. Every day I went out to check the big guy I searched the length of the vine for any new growth. I never saw anything. Until the day I trimmed. These guys were hiding and of course situated next to our walkway.

a birthday gift for my son

Here is their progress since then:

second batch

You can see on Aug. 9th I awoke to a missing gourd. Actually, he was detached from the vine and before I thought to record his fate, I chucked him into the woods for the deer's breakfast. Ooops!

My fingers are crossed for this handsome pumpkin. I hope he will remain healthy on the vine into the cooler fall temperatures. I dare to hope he will be here on Halloween!

Thank you for following and cheering on my E’ville ‘harvest’. If you’d like to read my previous pumpkin posts, click here, and here. 🎃


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