Thursday Black & White Doors & Drawers #thursdaydoors #CBWC

my mother’s cabinet
In response to the double challenge, here is a special piece of furniture that belonged to my mother. She had it in her kitchen and I remember liking it's size and imagined how would I use this piece if it were in my home? Today, it is in my dining room and I store candles, napkins, and other items I use when setting the table. It originally was a light, blonde wood finish with white ceramic tiles on top. Once in my home, I painted it with greens and golds and ochre and replaced her tiles with natural grey-blue slates. I love knowing that my mom's love is infused in my home through this piece and other items throughout the house.

Thank you Dan and Cee for this fun twist to our week. Please visit Thursday Doors and CBWC to discover what other black & white doors and drawer lovers have offered up. Until next time...


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