The Shrinking Cottage #TDWC #ThursdayDoors

My mower broke again
What the luck
Last week no gas
This week a blade stuck.

And I seem to remember
A time before this
A wheel fell off
And fell in the ditch.

And then last fall
A spark plug blew
I couldn't mow then
What's a girl to do?

How long it has been
A year, maybe two?
Since tending my yard
While grass grew & grew.

My once roomy cottage
Is shrinking instead
Overwhelmed by the grasses
From the yard and overhead.

My job has become
Overwhelming, but wait!
I have an idea
I'll push out the gate!

Thereby enlarging my yard
And by doing so
The creeping, green grass
Has more room to grow.

My pretty blue door
I still can see
But does it still open?
Oh, dear me!

Perhaps it is time
It is almost June
To hire a yard boy
To mow, edge, and prune.

What? You said a goat?
Yes, a goat will do!
He'll spend his days grazing
And his nights, too.

He'll chomp and chew
These blades of green
Then nestle amongst
The largest bed he's seen.

By the end of summer
I'll have my house back
 And my new pet
Who'll be tired and fat!

Written for Thursday Door's Writing Challenge
Inspired by Robbie Cheadle's Hobbit Door


  1. I love the fun playfulness of your post here – and my little entry for this yet followed a similar credence (and seriously I had not seen yours beforehand – lol – and if I did I might have changed mine up)

    I love how you made us smile with the plump and helpful goat solution and how this story fit the selected photo so well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve heard of this too, Janis. I believe there was a local family who rented out their goats for just this reason. I only heard this in conversation so cannot confirm but certainly would be fun to have the goats for 24 hours or so. Thanks for reading me…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Susan for the praise! The photo was the one that jumped out to me amongst the others provided for the challenge. I even submitted one of my own door photos and nada! Nothing came to mind! Funny how our muses find us.


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