Thursday Wedding #5 Doors

If you’ve been reading me for a bit you are aware of the recent weddings for us Coffee Girls. We ladies have been a clutch for quite some time, our roots firmly anchored by the relationships our babies wove when they were itty bitty. We moms began meeting at a local Starbucks, the ONLY one at the time, in C’ville. It was during coffee (verb) when we ladies wove our friendships into what we treasure today.

So this past Saturday we took a road trip (a first) to Raleigh, North Carolina for the wedding of the fifth child (third boy) in our circle. We. Had. Fun! Love was everywhere, laughter rang throughout the day and into the evening, and how grateful we all were to witness this union together. As I always do, while the bride and groom exchanged vows, I watched the parents watch their baby take flight. There is nothing grander than the joy, the glow, the all-knowing wonder I see in their misty eyes and smiles. Now that I’ve sat in that chair I know the intensity of their emotions. There is nothing like it except the moment we met our babies on their birth days.

Here are my favorite doors from the wedding.

doors within doors
large, grey doors

closeup of glass insert and flowers

Thank you Dan for hosting Thursday Doors where we can share the doors we meet while working, playing, vacationing, coffeeing, and marrying. Visit Dan and other doormanics for this weeks’ installment of global doors. Until next time…

proud mama!


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