Ponies, Bald Eagle, and Thursday Doors

Happy Thursday Doors to all who share my fondness for interesting, neglected, iron, wood, foreign, and domestic doors. Like us, the come in all different sizes and colors…and each has something to offer.

Today is another snowy (just a tad falling at the moment) winter day that invited me to take a ride down some cleared roads just to see what’s happening around E’ville. My excursion did not disappoint and due to the roads being slow, no traffic about, I was able to capture a few doors for Dan’s Thursday Doors feature. If you’ve met a remarkable door recently you’re invited to play along with the rest of us. If not this Thursday, then next, or any other Thursday you choose.

You’ve seen these doors in a prior post but felt them calling amidst the snowy white surroundings.
A bit crooked but fitting for this door pair.
Another quiet, white E’ville church.
Well done lime doors! How many do you see?
Pretty yellow house sitting in the snow.
The pony…
…and his friends.

Thanks for visiting me today. For more door photos from around the globe visit Dan Antion of No Facilities. Until next time…


    • Thank you Ally, there were many beautiful, peaceful spots along my drive but would not stop unless I felt completely safe doing so. There were a surprising number of big trucks out on this day.

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  1. Oh, I loved the Eagle! Before I spotted it I thought one of those rocks it was about to fly over or by looks like a seal!

    I loved that top church. It’s so sweet and looks wonderful in the snow with the green door and roof. I counted 5 of lime ones.

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