Thursday Safe Doors

This is my first door post for 2022 and because I’ve not been anyplace new recently, I searched my photos to see if by some slim chance I had a door in my arsenal to post for Dan’s Thursday Doors challenge. Yep, I had this forgotten door I photographed in a North Carolina bar. I remember we were waiting at our table for refreshments to arrive and just barely out of reach I saw this odd, black box next to a neighboring table. Realizing it was a safe, and an odd find in this random bar, I decided to zoom in to read it’s door. Only after taking the picture could I read the wording, a safe from my hometown, Richmond, VA. (My son now lives in Norfolk so doubly meant to be. AND, I lived in Ohio for a short minute, Columbus, not Canton So triply? meant to be). As I study this antique door I am remembering a story I was once told, and only once, about a relative who was a rather notorious safe cracker in his day. Wish I knew all the sordid details to share with you. Or do I?

I’ll be checking out your door photos over the weekend as I am a day behind. All ready I cannot keep up with my schedule and we’re only halfway into January. Until next time…


  1. How very cool the way the three locations connect to your history like that!
    And what a nice historical sage door you captured –
    Just looking at the many details can bring many thoughts – like Ohio was just “O” etc

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