Thursday Another Wedding Doors

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving deeply someone gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

On November 6th we coffee ladies celebrated another of our children’s weddings. To read about the others, click here, here, and here. The riches of our 20+ year friendship are many, the jewels we wear are our children. How fortunate we can together dance and toast our babies onward as they embark on their personal journeys. Nothing keeps us away from these momentous occasions…except the bridal shower of your soon to be daughter-in-law. Yes, both events planned for the same day meant one of our clutch could not attend and she was missed dearly.

As mothers and friends we rejoice in our children’s other accomplishments such as graduations, moves, jobs, and (two) new babies. Although they are grown and independent and doing terrific grown-up things, I still float back and forth to the here and now and their five, ten, and eighteen year old images. Perhaps I’ll not age if they do not?

In early and mid 2022 we will gather for two more of our children’s weddings and I’m already wondering about the doors I’ll meet then. I anticipate much love and hope greeting us when passing through their doors. Thank you for attending yet another coffee girl wedding! Wishing you a happy Thursday Doors and a joyous holiday season. I’m now running over to Dan’s to see what each of you is offering up this week. Until next time….


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