Thursday Newport Double Doors

Ahhh, Newport. A beautiful coastal town that stole my ❤ . We spent a week there while our son, newly minted Lt. Horbaly, was finishing his ODS (Officer Development School) at OTC Newport (Officer Training Command). Because his father (Mr. E’ville) attended OIS (Officer Indoctrination School) many moons ago, he wanted me to experience this coastal town that stole his ❤ way back when. Of course, there were doors, doors, doors everywhere to enjoy and because we walked every day, I did bring back a few to share here. Obviously my theme today is double doors, click to enlarge these images.

This last exterior door photo is where I lost my husband. He was enthralled with the IYRS, International Yacht Restoration School. They welcome the public during working hours so we were able to walk inside, read about the history of this school, watch those working on their crafts, and also read about those who’ve attended over the years. Mr. E’ville really wants his picture on that wall because the artistic craftsmanship and attention to detail is right up his alley. What a dream if he could attend but the man has enough education for a lifetime…perhaps in our retirement years.

Inside view of the IYRS large doors

So many more doors photos to sift through, I will be sharing them in future posts for Dan’s weekly Thursday Doors extravaganza. I’m heading over to see what doors have been offered up for this week’s edition. Until next time…


    • I only learned that two of the photos are truly airbnbs through a friend here in E’ville was searching earlier for a place to stay in Newport. What a coincidence! Newport had a fabulous supply of doors…

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