his call sliced the dark 
forgotten voice, yet I knew
sweet child's memory

A few nights ago while sitting on our back porch, Mr. E’ville and I had the great timing to witness a whippoorwill calling throughout our woods. He was so close, his voice strong and clear. I pulled up the whippoorwill call on my phone and enticed him to sing again. And he did. We ‘conversed’ like this for perhaps two minutes and then he was done with me. In those few moments I warmed to a rare and long ago memory of my parents, my sister, and me sitting on our back porch steps listening to this very same call of the whippoorwill. It is truly one of my most vivid memories of the four of us together, no arguing, unhappy adults. Just us in the dark with nature.

Click this link to hear the unique voice of the whippoorwill. I hope you have the chance to experience it your backyard symphony this summer. (Cover image from Bing images)


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