Thursday Forked Doors

And here we go, ushering in our new year with an unfortunate bang reminescent of the year we were trying to outrun! Good grief…and so, I offer up this beautiful, red Forked door as it seems apropos for my first door post of 2021.

Forked On Main is a restaurant in nearby Orange, Virginia. I love their clever name and as you would guess they are indeed located on Main Street. Last month I went to them to inquire about dining options for an upcoming, spring family celebration. Would you believe I walked past this place? Look at the GIANT FORK hanging above the door. Yep, never saw it!

Giant Fork that somehow was not a big enough clue! I did admire the red door first time around.

Happy Thursday Doors to all, I’ll see each of you over at Dan’s for the doorspirations you’ve found in your new year. And congratulations to Suzanne of Picture Retirement for giving us an official badge to hang above our doors! Until next time…


  1. Red is supposed to bring good luck at the threshold between years. I think now we need it more than ever, so thank you 🙂
    Such an inviting door 🙂 I do hope they serve pies, that giant fork put me in the mood for some pie!

    Dan has such an eye – I went back to spot the door reflected in the door’s window 🙂

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