Thursday Porch Door

Here it is Thursday and I hear Norm calling from afar for our door offerings. With barely moving a muscle, or two, well maybe a bit more effort than this, I’ve found this lovely white screened porch door to add to Norm’s collection this week.

As you’ve probably figured out, this door-in-a-door is my very own and due to lack of travel, meandering, exploring, extreme southern heat, perhaps that covid thing, I’ve not been anyplace where I can doorxplore. Thus, here I sit and share my own. Litrally, I’m sitting on my porch right now. And you are welcome to coffee with me this morning as it is a lovely Thursday morning in E’ville. But hurry quickly while the humidity and sun are low. Now is a perfect time for visiting Norm and Thursday Doors where he hosts us and our door offerings from around the globe.

Until next time… ♥


  1. We have a porch door similar to yours. Ours is in worse shape. I like that you photographed yours for the challenge. Bloom where you’re planted, as they say. Especially when you’re planted at home for as long as we all have been.

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    • Thank you Patricia, my porch is a bit of an oasis for me. The pet door was originally installed for our first dog, was also used by our sweet kitty, sadly both are no longer with us. However, we now have another dog who will go OUT but not come IN thru that door. And, we have a neighbor kitty who will visit us and sometimes overnight on our porch. This door has welcomed many over the years, even a squirrel!

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