Thursday Southport Doors, part deux

On an earlier visit to Southport, North Carolina, I shared a patriotic door on Norm’s most welcoming Thursday Doors. On my most recent shopping excursion I found more to add in my second installation of Southport Doors.

I begin with a nod to last year’s Southport door.

Look at this trifecta plus one! Did not realize I’d scored a doorfour until later.

So this door and structure was rather intriguing. After Mr. E’ville and I had a quick bite to eat (packed lunch in our car due to covid) I walked across from where we were parked to read the signage in front of this obvious lookout station. I’d never heard of the Wilmington Cape Fear Pilot’s Association and what they did. River pilots have been in existence more than 300 years and were trusted to safely guide ships through the dangerous Cape Fear waterways between Wilmington and Southport. These knowledgeable water guides taxied confederate ships through this rough passage during the Civil War and later during the Vietnam War enabling delivery of essential army and ammunition supplies to Sunny Point. Today their job continues as these river pilots guide 700 to 1,000 foot long ships through the shifting shoals and 21 turns of the Cape Fear River to deliver their goods and then back out to sea again. What a wonderful bit of history we stumbled upon!

These two gate doors jumped out at me as we were rounding the corner from the Pilot’s Association. The smooth arches on each gate and the black iron hinges make these doors pop. They graced the brick surround of this property that I think may have been a private residence.

Do not judge! They were all lined up and waiting for me!

Artist’s garden door

On our way out of Southport we happened into the ARTSHACK where we spent time with the owners learning about their work and the other artists whose work was for sale. This piece above was in their private garden out back. Happily we left with a colorful painting that already is in place in just the perfect space. I look forward to a return trip to their studio for another treasure hunt and perhaps a door I may have missed.

ARTSHACK Studio & Gallery, Southport NC

These are the Southport doors I managed to bring home with me. Thank you for taking a peek. I’m now hopping over to Norm’s to explore the other doorposits made by the many doorlovers like me. Until next time…♥


  1. These are wonderful doors and gates. I love the curved hinge on the rounded gate. The tower is an amazing structure. I’ve seen some like that before and climbed to the top. They are wonderful.

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  2. Great doors, big and small, and a nice piece of history. Glad you are well and practicing safe traveling. I told my husband the other day, we’ve never eaten so many meals in our car in our entire married life as we have in the last four months. Gotta do what we gotta do. 🙂

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  3. Lovely coastal scenery and architecture in a fun informative post.
    Thanks for the explanation on that tower. I would have never guessed what it was for. My best guess was a lifeguard’s tower but I knew it was way too tall for that.

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