Thursday Contrasting Doors

As you can see for yourselves, I have two very unrelated doors to share with you this week. While sifting through my photos I found these images I think not posted until now. The first door I discovered while hiking in Croatia. There does appear to be a silver door handle but no traces of a stairway, not even a crumbling one nearby. It appears stoic looking down on the path and the ocean green color, which exactly matches that of Croatia’s waters, encased within its stone housing is what captured my interest insisting on a photograph.

This second door lives very near my place at the beach. It has the very minimal requirements to even be considered a door – I assume it opens and closes as there are hinges and it does protect an entrance/exit and one must/can walk through it. I find it whimsical and enchanting in its simplicity. I have opportunity to watch this door’s changing framework throughout the day as the the sun rises and sets while the surrounding wild flora bend and sway with the ocean breezes. I find it quite beautiful and welcoming in its undisturbed setting.

Happy door hunting to everyone and a safe and celebratory Independence Day to my fellow Americans. I am heading off to Norm’s place to see what doortunities await. Until next time…♥


♥i appreciate your comments♥

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