silent conversation

An embraced stranger,

Warm arm touches me lightly.

Much needed tonic.

I am sitting on my deck, catching up on missed blogs and appreciating the warm sunshine that has been absent for the past several days (I’ve been in Knoxville where it was overcast and drizzly), and I capture this. Completely surprised when I saw the sun talking to my plant!


  1. What a lovely moment in time. Outside, sun doing its thing, you connecting with bloggers, only to have a moment present itself that deserves to be shared with bloggers! Synchronicity is cool.

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      • I was at the grocery store this morning and thought I was watching my social distancing carefully. All of a sudden I saw a gentleman just standing in place and realized he was waiting for me to move before he went back to his cart. It’s sad, but I guess it is keeping us safe.


      • I’ve seen same. Others are much more conscientious than I. A lady stopped me, pointed to the ground, not rude, but helping me understand I was not following the arrows and traffic flow. I am realizing how much I look up and hardly ever do I look down. Need to work on this!

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      • You made me laugh with the arrows because the last grocery store visit all of a sudden I realized I was headed the wrong way and had to turn around. Looking down at the floor of a grocery store is just not something we normally do. 🙂

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