Hold on to this

In the midst of all that is occuring around this vast globe, I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes (yes, I have many). If we can simply practice this, perhaps a better day will be.

“Peace is not the absence of turmoil. Peace is the rising above the turmoil and remaining focused there.” – searching for author

My yoga instructor shared this quote a few years back and it stuck with me. I ran home, copied it, and placed it amongst others surrounding my home working space. Unfortunately, I could not remember then from what source she was reading and still I cannot locate the author. If anyone has insight, please share. I’d like to further explore the text. Namaste.


  1. I agree with your favorite quote. Most of the stuff happening around us are unfortunate but each offers an opportunity for us to be better, too. Also, your mention about your yoga teacher reminded me that we, as yoga teachers, have a very big responsibility to our students! Namaste.

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    • There are many benefits to yoga, I and my fellow matmates have been blessed with a few wonderful instructors who go beyond the expected. I feel we’ve all benefitted from their loyalty to the craft and to each of us as followers. I miss it very much, the comradary, but do practice at home. Not the same.


  2. I believe that quote is a modified version of a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King. “True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice.”

    That is from his book “Stride Toward Freedom” published in 1958. He included those words and similar words in letters and speeches that he made after the publication of that book. There are several versions of that quote attributed to him.

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    • Possibly…but Dan I definitely would have remembered my yogic saying MLK. She quoted practitioners in the yogi/spiritual world. I recognized the more well known individuals, not this one and only his/her quote. Thank you though for this connection, I will dive into his wisdom. As you said the thoughts are similar.

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