Thursday ACOE Doors

These are two doors on the Currituck out of port Wilmington, North Carolina. I’ve been watching her travel up and down the intracoastal waterway over the past month. She’s been dredging the ICW near our place in Holden Beach, NC. Here she is in her full size glory:

She travels our Atlantic coast, where needed, dredging shallow waterways and then dispensing the displaced dredge material to nearby shore edges in need of buildup. No matter how many times she or other large vessels pass us, I pause to witness the grace and beauty of maritime travel. And as you can see, the width of the ICW is rather narrow where we are making it all the more spectacular when ships of this magnitude pass by. I was fortunate to capture two barges navigating each other just below my house.

It is difficult to appreciate the two individual barges here but you can easily see the white housing of each.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has roots as far back as 1775 and has been active as a separate military branch since 1802. The work of the Army COE includes environmental preservation, providing hydroelectric energy,

and disaster relief. To read in greater detail about the Army Corps of Engineers click here.

Happy Thursday to my fellow doorchasers! It’s good to see you and may you be well. For more exotic doors from around the globe, visit Norm and his faithful followers. Until next time….


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