Thursday Weathered Doors

Greetings to my fellow door lovers who, like me, are missing our doorscursions and treasures found along the way. I’ve been dividing my time between E’ville and the intracoastal waterway of North Carolina throughout this Covid Era and in both places have been walking alot for physical and mental exercise. I am down to only a few days remaining here on the water before returning home to re-open our office and establish our new normal. I’m interested to see just how this will look and I wish you all the very best transitions as you do the same.

As I’ve been exploring my surrounding coastal neighborhoods I’ve seen so much more than I ever did before when zooming past in my car. Slowing down has its benefits on many levels. Applicable to various scenarios, I find myself breaking down the big picture and observing the smaller pieces all the more. Applied to my door searching, although there are a variety of traditional doors to photograph here at the beach, what repeatedly captures my attention are these weathered doors standing stoically close to the road’s ege, in all sorts of weather, and unappreciated by most of us. Until now. I hope you see the same beauty in these salty doors and will not report me to Norm’s door police for going astray!




There is something about the crispy, blue-green moss living on the mailboxes that appeals to me. After spying that very first white mailbox I entered ‘treasure hunt mode’ to find more on my walks. Quickly I realized I was seeking out another type of door and still candidates for Norm’s theme. I am amazed there still remains wooden posts here in an environment where everything rusts and ages so very quickly. The beauty I find in this decaying process is equal to that which I find appealing in the old, traditional doors that speak to me. They each have stories to tell and exist as art in my eyes.

Happy Thursday to each of you. I am excited to visit with you to see what you have submitted to Norm this week. Be well and until next time, happy door hunting! ♥

“Our admiration of the antique is not admiration of the old, but of the natural.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. The “door police” only exist to keep people from hassling dooristas’ choices of what to post. Anything remotely doorish can be gathered under Norm’s big umbrella! Only unkindness is not allowed, and there’s none of that among Norm’s enchanted community.

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  2. Love your take on the mailboxes in your post! You’ve got it made with the coastal towns in your area.Can’t complain – it’s beautiful in my area, but it’s hard to photograph since houses ad hidden behind trees (forest area). Thanks for coming by:)

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  3. And notice there are no numbers? It was standing in front of an empty lot, so I wondered to whom this mailbox belonged? Really wanted to open to see if it was just flyers within, but I already felt weird photographing strangers’ mailboxes.


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