Random Act Of Kindness

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”William James

Rocks. Paint. Words. Combined with kindness and imagination, the result is a bountiful garden for all to enjoy. Here in my small neighborhood we have been treated to a gradually growing garden budding with colorful messages of love, healing, and community.

I am skeptical to share our precious crop for fear of discovery by outsiders but this good karma needs floating beyond my self-isolating boundaries. Each day as I walk the paths looping throughout our neighborhood these beautiful rocks peek out from mulch, grass, and trees. What began as about six rocks has grown daily, adding to the messages already laid down by unidentified caring hands. Many of us have made known our appreciation for these trinkets and how grateful we are to the creative hearts responsible for our rock garden. Here are only a few of the artist’s messages:

I thank you rock fairies who artfully sow our faith in community while reminding us of all that is good during this time when each of us needs a bit of healing. Your actions have made a difference.

Namaste. ♥



♥i appreciate your comments♥

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