Thursday Old Luckett Store Doors

We went to shop. We gleefully splurged on donuts and sipping chocolate. And there were doors galore! Take a peek and let me know if you have a favorite. Yellow won my heart on this particular outing.

Leaning door for sale
Interior door of Lucketts
Cute, functional cabinet door
Exterior door for sale


Identical double doors, separate buildings. And a red door bonus!
Cellar door, why did I not peek inside?
Quad doors
Sort of doesn’t look like a door door but it has a mat, and hinges, and an electrical cord running underneath


Small door
Sunny, buttery door inside The Beekeeper’s Cottage
Outside greenhouse door
Feel certain this was a submarine shower or dressing unit. Seller thought so, too.
Truck bed door. And it’s red. And surrounded by many other doors.

What a doortopia Lucketts was for me! And I thank my galpal AMD for allowing me the extra time spent in the windy, cold elements capturing this motley collection of doors. See you over at Norm’s Thursday Doors for more doorsplorations! Until next time…

Just as we were leaving AM found this door!


  1. What a great collection! The buttery door was charming, and something I would love in a house where I had to stay or live, but I love the looks of the old, weathered doors. I identify with them, maybe. LOL! The submarine pod has to be my favorite thing, though. Kewl!

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    • Can you believe out in the middle of nowhere I’d see somthing like that? I wish I could have shared good ‘inside’ pics of the submarine space but it was so small I could not. How does something like this even find it’s way to landlocked Leesburg, VA? It was quite a find, I agree!

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