Thursday Old City Doors

Here it is many, many Thursdays since I’ve posted and finally I crack my knuckles, sit down, and sift through my thoughts. What a jumble my photos are in since the summer-I

Rebel Kitchen Old Town K'ville
from where I sit

am overwhelmed with the organizing I need to do!

Todays doors I either passed through or passed by while breakfasting in Knoxville’s Old City district with our daughter who lives nearby. September weather still allowed for us to sit outside and enjoy a leisurely brunch.


This beauty caught my eye shortly after we arrived. I know it is simple but the wood’s rich color and depth jumped out from the others lining the street. The updated keypad and handle was distracting (I thought) and made me wonder just what sort of door handle orginally decorated this door.


Please look beyond the sunny exposure on this one! If you can… look at the wood surrounding the doors to the sides and above. The Jig & Reel was completely encased in this deep, dark wood and reminded me of the old saloons from the western TV shows.


I found this door most intriguing because of it’s simple logo. I need nothing else to make me feel warm, cheery, and connected. Sadly, it was before noon so we did not go in, but I was so very tempted!


More double wooden doors, these crowned with rather ornate caps and anchored with a checkerboard welcome mat!


And more old, brown, wooden doors but still very unique in their design. These are tall and thin, a feature I like, and they also are recessed a bit more with a tiled mosaic carpet greeting visitors. A nice bit of color creating an inviting entrance…yet it appears these are not an entrance, simply a sign holder for another entrance next door!

Happy Thursday Doors to all, I’ve missed you. I look forward to browsing through your hinged offerings today. And thank you Norm for keeping us together. Until next time…♥


  1. My fave is the doorfie (door-selfie) with the red car behind you. That door is actually quite something, though it could use a good sanding and a fresh coat of varnish.
    “Hinged offerings” – I like that phrase and will probably *borrow* it at some point in the future 😉
    And for a variation on that thought, when I’m feeling wild and want to let my hair down in a post I’ll just call it “Doors Unhinged”! 😀
    Welcome back!

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    • Doors Unhinged is very daring indeed! Yes, you caught the doorfie, the colorful dress was a bit distracting, but couldn’t remove myself no matter how I danced about the sidewalk. Gave up in the end.

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