You arrive fluttering through branches, the very ones you recently tangled in yesterday’s performance. Fingering discarded leaves, you roam the neighborhood replacing steam with thinner air.



You crack and call from a distance, I hear you in my fingers as well. In you I see all the colors of the day…the cotton candy pinks and blue bell blues that greet me in the morning and their deeper tints that put me to bed. Such a juxtaposition and angry site to see.


Puffy white remnants mixed within makes me wonder will you pass me by but your undeniable weight  anchors you here for another afternoon. Turning inside out you empty your pockets, stingy at first and now free-flowing. Your coins pour plump and heavy with moisture causing nature to scatter.


Welcome angry skies, rain as you will.


Inspired by Mother Nature and Tourmaline’s Color Your World: Blue Bell.


  1. Great prose to accompany great photos. We often associate a stormy sky with ‘anger’ but you took it to the next level!! “Turning inside out you empty your pockets, stingy at first …” Love it!!

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