Popping Peonies


Walking the globe we

taste your sugars with zeal, then

leave you in full bloom.


It is debated by gardeners if the symbiotic relationship between ants and peonies is necessary. I grew up understanding the ants gently ‘fed’ upon the green and nutritional petal covering eventually exposing this beautiful fragrant spring flower. Some say the blooming process can and will happen all on its own without the assistance of the ants. All I’ve ever known is wherever I’ve grown peonies, ants roam the unfurled petals and several days later these magnificent beds explode. How about you, do you have ants in your bed? Please comment, I’d love to know how your peonies bloom.




  1. One of these days I’ll take up the courage to paint a peonies (I have series of flowers painted on a 24 x 24 inch canvas). These are stunningly beautiful! Thanks for coming by!


  2. I LOVE peonies and I wish mine looked half as good as yours!!

    I too have heard both versions of the ant story. Either way, I just wish mine would flourish. I ended up translating it last year and now I’m hoping it will like its new location better.

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    • I have two plants that require transplanting due to not enough sunlight for their liking. My sister reminded me how peonies do not like to be moved…so don’t be frustrated if they do not look their best after the initial move. I also recently read they should be planted in the fall, which is when I believe I did transplant mine so will wait to relocate the two unhappy ones. Fingers crossed for you Joanne!


  3. We don’t have any peonies and that’s a shame because I like them. I grew up being told that you plant peonies away from your house so that all the ants don’t dig around your foundation. Maybe true?

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  4. I’ll have to check it out. The peonies in my garden are still very tightly furled, normally the rain puts and end to them but the weather has warmed up and they may make it to full bloom this year.

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    • They are quickly becoming a favorite of mine thanks to my sister who donated all of these several years ago when clearing out her garden. I just wish they lasted for longer than they do, only a few weeks in spring, but such a magnificent statement! Thanks Xenia…♥

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