Thursday Farmville Doors, part 2

As promised a few weeks and posts ago in Farmville Doors, part 1, here are more doors we stumbled upon in a stimulating building housing unique decor along with doors and more doors! Doors leaning on other doors and doors standing alone…exotic and colorful doors with hinges and pulls. As you will see these are not your everyday HomeDepot doors but statement doors! But first, as I hinted about a few weeks ago, let me share with you my experience in Building #5.

Building 5 is known as the Accessories building and where I had the oddest experience. Mr. E’ville and I were roaming around the main floor and once completing a thorough run of that floor headed for the basement level. Upon entering the stairwell my heart rate increased a bit but initially thought nothing much of it. By the time I reached the bottom of the stairs and entered the basement area my heart was beating at a wild pace and my throat felt like it was closing, kind of like I would be sick. At that point I definitely took notice of how I was feeling and only walked a small loop around the basement level. I quickly exited and went back upstairs. Once back on the main level all of those feelings of anxiety and fear disappeared, completely. It was the strangest thing and it all came upon me as quickly as it left.

Remembering the same thing happened to a very good friend of mine some time ago, I texted to ask where she experienced this odd reaction thinking she too had been at Green Front. I was surprised to learn she had this similar reaction in another very old building but in nearby Staunton, Virginia NOT where I was in Farmville. She did know that the Green Front buildings where I was did have some known ‘energy’ and we would have to dig around to see what we could learn about Building 5. In my initial online search I have found nothing noteworthy other than it is the sentinel Green Front building beginning this shoping destination years ago. I am in the process of researching the founding family to understand who they are and what may have happened to them in their grocery store that could elicit such a reaction for me in their stairway leading to the basement. I am looking forward to seeing my friend who always is helpful finding this information. She and I have shared our ‘hair on the back of your neck’ experiences for perhaps 20 years! She has a deep connection to the spiritual world and helps me understand what signs can mean if I’m not picking up on them.

And now, what Thursday is all about, doorworship!


Thank you Norm for today and every Thursday giving us the space to post and gawk. Until next time…


  1. I love statement doors like these and wish I had the right space to use a truly great door. I particularly like the door in the 3rd photo with the crowns and stars on the upper door panels. A door like that could really satisfy my inner diva 🙂

    I know what you mean about getting funny unexplained vibes in some places, however I can’t say I’ve ever had such a strong visceral reaction like the one you described. It would be interesting to learn about the history of this building to see if there is some explanation.

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    • I plan to share any information I discover about this building. My friend who I wrote about having same experience but in another place actually ‘saw’ the individuals involved in some bad events from an earlier era. They were so vivid and her reaction so strong she will not return to the shop. Although we have talked about returning together at some point to see what happens with both of us there.

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  2. There is a door here that I would buy –
    Maybe someday –
    But that was a good question to ask – you need the right house or business
    – and I have been to FarmVille before / how nice they have some of the coolest doors for sale – good finds

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  3. Holy moley! Downright gorgeous, where do they find these?
    And yes, who’s gonna buy them.
    BTW considering poor indoor lighting conditions, your shots are incredibly crisp and clear.

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