My Little Oyster

The smallest of gestures can bring us full circle. My birthday was in January and I received a small package in the mail. You’ve heard the familiar saying, ‘Good things come in small packages.’ I find this usually to be the case and as this little ‘thing’ was sent by my daughter I knew there must be something good inside.

Mr. E’ville and I began our story by the sea. Our first married years were illuminated by the brilliant southern California sunshine where we embraced the salt and sand daily. That time remains a bright, special memory for us both.  After California we spent several years in different states, bending to new surroundings, growing our family, and eventually making our way back to the east coast. And now some twenty odd years later we have come full circle by creating a haven on the Atlantic intracoastal waterway, picking up where we left off.

For my birthday and in honor of this new chapter in my life, my daughter sent me this pretty oyster bracelet.


“With just a grain of sand, the oyster beautifully transforms something simple into a luminous pearl.”

The card accompanying the bracelet had the above opening sentence. It went on to say the oyster protects, cares for, and supports its pearl and through a slow, gentle process, a refined product results. Such is this reminder to protect what you love. Immediately I felt the parallel of mother and child and how like the oyster I nurtured, protected, and supported my child until she grew into the luminous pearl she it today.

I wonder did my daughter grasp the hidden treasure in the symbolism of her gift or will she come full circle when she herself transforms something simple into a luminous pearl.

“And it was natural to shed layers of me to mold my loves, the two pearls of my sea.” – Thoughts Of An E’ville Woman



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