Thursday Common House Doors

Yesterday I had a wonderful experience thanks to a business friend who invited me out for a birthday lunch. She belongs to a local social club that is rather new and one I’d read about as it was launching here in C’ville. As we approached the entrance I knew I’d like it at once!

The smallest doorknob I’ve ever seen.

I did not take any photos inside as it is a private club and I was on my best behavior…yes, Joanne, I did sit on my hands! Perhaps one day I will be in a position to share photos with you, but for now these two outside doors are all I have. They are beauties, though.


Common House is located in historic Vinegar Hill district in what was originally the old20190131_084146.jpg Mentor Lodge. Built in 1913, Mentor Lodge established itself as a social hall in the African-American community where dances, concerts, and political meetings were offered for several decades. For a period it was vacant but now is revived and once again schedules various social activities for its members.

Thank you P for the lovely lunch and the opportunity to experience this historic building and thank you Norm for gathering us today, on this very chilly Thursday. For more doors please visit Thursday Doors, click the blue frog, and your adventure begins. Until next time…


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