Thursday LittleFreeLibrary Doors

I stumbled upon this wee library while in North Carolina earlier this year. I’ve seen a mini library before, thought it a clever idea for book sharing, but never thought further about these remote, free-standing structures. While attempting to pinpoint exactly the location of  where I saw this particular door below, I landed on this website allowing me to read further about the Little Free Library movement.

oak island little free library
Oak Island, North Carolina

Their motto is Take a Book, Share a Book and the goal of this non-profit is to inspire reading by increasing the availability of books in neighborhoods and easily accessed places. The site gives you the information on how to build you own Little Free Library, how to register it, and how to maintain it. I just love this idea of placing books in random spaces for discovery.

While on the Little Free Library site I found their Library Map and using my zip code searched for nearby Little Free Libraries. Not expecting to find anything I was amazed at the three red balloons staring back at me from my laptop and all within a few miles of my home! I am perplexed at how I’ve never seen these before as I pass by two of them on a fairly regular basis! I texted my girlfriend and off we went to hunt for what has been right under my nose for who knows how long.

This first LFL is located about a mile from my house, no kidding. It is just outside of a neighborhood and isn’t it sweet? Behind the whimsical, colorful doors, it was packed with books, a few trinkets, and an invitation to leave a note. I did leave a note for Amelia and wonder very much just who is this artist who created the tin roofed library?

lfl doors 1lfl doors 2lfl doors 3

This next LFL is located only another half mile farther down the road from the first and next to a small up cycle store I periodically visit. How have I not seen this before??? As you can see, these library doors housed an abundance of books ready to share should you find an interesting title.

lfl doors 6lfl doors 7lfl doors 8lfl doors 9

The third library doors we drove to were slightly farther down the road and in a neighborhood that rests next to mine. How lovely someone has taken the time to build a home for books, register it with, and maintain it for our enjoyment. And I love the color scheme…GO BUCKS!

lfl doors 10lfl doors 12

My friend and I both agreed that this LFL was well organized and best equipped. Included were treats and plastic bags for the dogs who may visit with their humans!

lfl doors 13

At this point my friend plugged in her zip code, different from mine, to see if we missed any LFL’s that may be in her neighborhood but still very close because we live about 10 minutes apart. I should not have been surprised, but I was… On our way back to AMde’s there was one LFL and in a location we both should have noticed before now. I think this library, with its double doors, black hinges, and three book sections is my favorite. The nearby bench for contemplating your book selections is a thoughtful touch completing the effect.

lfl doors 15

And how clever…adult books in the attic, YA on the main floor, and children’s books in the basement.

lfl doors 17

My friend was very excited to find this book in the attic.

lfl doors 18

Should you be curious, visit this link, insert your zip code, and perhaps you, too, will be surprised to find a few miniature doors nearby. I’d love to know how many you found in your neighborhood. Thanks to Norm for once again hosting our Thursday Doors gathering. Visit him and others for more door interpretations from around the world. Until next time…


  1. Ahhh! These are marvellous and so well stocked! I’ve seen several similar ones in Slovenia (and none in Italy) but they always contained just a few books. These are bursting with goodies! I’m so glad you have so many nearby and went to see them and show them to us. Happy books and reading!

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    • I still cannot believe I pass these structures and before now was not seeing them. Now, they practically jump out in front of me! I will forever search for them. Do you have any near you? They are international. And I hope I have encouraged someone to create one of their own!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve seen these in several cities. I found one in Pittsburgh that was dedicated to poetry. There is one not far from our house, at a church we used to belong to. I think its a very nice idea. The ones you featured are very nice. I like the one broken up by floor.

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