Thursday Puzzling Doors

I have a myriad of puzzling doors to share and seemingly no perfect way to organize them all, so I will simply toss them onto the page for you to enjoy.

It would appear I spent my holiday break collecting photos of these colorful and somewhat blurry doors. How nice it would have been visit each of these doors, but I  confess I did not. These doors were a Christmas gift.

One thousand pieces of door mania mental floss I anxiously await to spill upon my dining room table! According to the directions in the lower left corner, I should have no trouble assembling this collage of doors, but exactly what is it telling me? We puzzle enthusiasts who are ages 12+ should complete this puzzle in a matter of, what, ‘x many  hours’ or over ‘x many days’? I’ve never thought about puzzle rules before and although the more the merrier rule certainly applies here, I assume Mr. E’ville and I will quickly piece this together. And of course I will snatch the red doors first!

Yes, I smudged the rules a bit so forgive my stepping out of our typical Thursday Door format and sharing my own quirky ‘box of doors’ this week.  If it’s classic doors you seek, visit Norm and his other Thursday Doors guests to see what they’re sharing from around the globe. Click the small, blue frog at the end of Norm’s post to add your own link and to visit other blogger’s sites. Happy New Year to you all, I wish you joyous door adventures in 2019. Until next time…



  1. That’s a great way to begin a new year of doors. You’ll have to let us know how it goes (precise time, not required). I was liking the one that has a blue denim look to it. I wish I knew more, but I know – it’s in the box with the rest of them.

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    • I’m telling myself I will get through this puzzle in no time, but the box also says every piece is it’s own unique shape. What does THAT mean? Wish me luck and yes I will share the end product.

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  2. Hihih, most excellent! I’d buy that if you weren’t as truthful as you are. 😀 I wonder how long you’ll need for it, not that it matters, just curious. I sometimes do online puzzles of this kind (I know, not the same!)

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