The Best Gift

My sister and I decided to not exchange gifts this year and instead do something. We always get together at Christmas, so this is nothing new, but now I am excited to find a fun, Christmasy something for the two of us to enjoy as we did when we were just girls.  I love her suggestion to simply enjoy each others company…something we take so little time for throughout the year. Truly the best gift.

Merry Christmas Sissy, I love you!


“Gifts of time and joy are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.”    – Peg Bracken


  1. I’ve found that spending TIME WITH instead of MONEY ON the people we love has been so much more rewarding. My wife and I got off of the holiday commercialism treadmill years ago and never looked back.
    Relish your time together, it’s worth so much more than a gift card or a sweater.

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    • Agreed. We need far more together time, I agree. I am guilty of picking up small ‘this and thats’ throughout the year, things that remind me of family or friends, and have them ready to wrap for the holidays. Call me sentimental.


  2. My sister and I decided some time ago that it didn’t really matter what we did – whether going out on some adventure of discovery or just sitting around with a cup of tea – that being together to enjoy each other’s company was simply the best.

    We don’t get to see each other very often, so when we do, it’s special by definition. Yes, I agree, the gift of time is the sweetest one of all!

    The Merriest of Christmases to you and your sister!

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