EDUCATION BEGINS AT HOME: An equation for success

Because of a ‘conversation’ I overheard today, I feel the need to reblog my own words. Not that they will ever read them, and I am no preacher…but gosh it just seems so very simple. While parenting can be difficult, loving our children enough to keep firm yet realistic boundaries is a payoff for everyone.

Thoughts Of An E'ville Woman

“Education begins at home. You can’t blame the school for not putting into your child what you didn’t put into him.”   Geoffrey Holder

 To date, becoming a parent was the single biggest life changing event of my life. I did not realize it then but with parenthood came days, weeks, months, YEARS of unpredictable moodiness, sick days, feuding, friendships found and lost, foods loved and hated, compromising, letting go…On the flip side, parenthood also brings newfound discoveries of patience, pride and unbridled love and protectiveness.  An added bonus, we parents experience a revitalization of our childhood games, toys and movies allowing us a second peek at our youths with the added spice of our adult perspective. Kind of like reading a book you love but already knowing how it will end because somewhere tucked away in your memory is the knowledge of having read it. With that reawakening of ones inner child within our older selves yields…

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