Thursday Lopud Doors

Here I am posting my Thursday Doors on Friday, once again. Thank you all for hanging in to visit and read a day late but what can I say other than I am here!

Lopud is another of the small Dalmatian islands the girls and I visited while in Croatia earlier this summer. While dreamily swiping through my photo albums of the trip, I realize bits and pieces of my journey are fading, just a bit. How can such a vivid, colorful, exhilarating two weeks of my life begin sliding from my memory so soon? Too many current life details clamoring for my brain space is a good possibility why I must let go the small details of June. Lucky for me I have terrific photo memories transporting me back to peaceful places, like Lopud, and her doors a plenty! Have a look…

From Afar & Close-Up

lopud 3lopud 6

lopud 5

lopud 4

Within The Park Ðordić-Mayneri

lopud 1lopud 2

Not A Door, But What A View Out Of The Park.

lopud 9

Smallish Gate-Like Door

lopud 15


Always A Treat, A Door Leading To Another

lopud 12

My Absolute Favorite – It Makes Me Smile

lopud 11

This final photo I believe is my favorite for its many details. The whitewashed limestone walls embracing these not too perfect teal wood doors at #20 make me want to stand and gawk. They remind me of the mineral green-blue waters of Plitvice Lakes. The colorful assortment of hats reminds me how sunny and bright each and every day was while while traveling, excluding the one magnificent deluge that caught us by surprise.  And who doesn’t want to send a post card to that loved one left behind, except I think I brought mine home this time…never sent it! OOPS. Take a peak at those scarves…I must admit I returned home with yet another scarf, this one puts me at about twenty, but I love it. The colors remind me of the the inky blueness of the night sky while walking along the water and the fiery red of the Croatian flag flying everywhere. It is so crepey thin I barely know I’m wearing it but of course I do because I’m wrapped in the colors of my memories. Yep, it’s all in the details.

As today is Friday I am sure you all have seen the other door contributions at Dan’s who is guest hosting for us this week but if not, click the link to visit an eclectic assortment of doors from around the world. Until next time…


  1. I love the first photo! omg – I want to walk right into that scene!!

    … and yay! Glad to find another person who has ‘issues’ with scarves. I have so many of them (and one is wrapped warmly around my shoulders as I type this) … but that doesn’t stop my eye from roving and falling in love with others!

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  2. I love the stone buildings that just seem to rise out of the water. Everything just seems to fit. The various black wooden doors are also attractive. Solid, working doors. And, I love the hats!


    • Thanks Dan. There were many coastal buildings that did rise from the water and with each boating departure and arrival I marvelled at the the beauty surrounding me. The only thing better was walking the islands once we departed the boats and exploring up close what we were seeing from afar.

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