thirteen minutes

With the recent rainfall here in central VA, going outside has been dreary and getting my sweet little Emmy outside a challenge.

Emmy, with us still!

Dodging the raindrops to coincide with her many naps became an event with the crazy weather we’ve seen. Coaxing her to the door, hiding the towels because she hates to be wiped dry, coaxing her out the door, and then getting her to the grass…Getting her to understand she better ‘go now’ because more rain is coming somehow gets lost in translation as she simply stands in the grass sheepishly staring back at me. But we survived, we always do, as she has trained me well!

Two days ago, walking her around our front yard I noticed a magnificent web creation just beginning to form between two trees. I do not use the word magnificent because I like spiders and think them brilliant. As a matter of fact I get chills simply thinking about them because they are creepy, sneeky, and scary. The mere size of this web declared it magnificent!

web 1

web 3

It may be difficult to appreciate how large her jagged outline of a nest is, or just how far the soft breezes had to sail her silk in order to anchor her work.

web 4a

Above, as the clouds pass by, the spider stands out and her size relative to her task is better outlined. When the sun resurfaces, her web is brilliant once more and she becomes a pearl sitting at five o’clock.

web 5

In this shot taken from far away the breadth of her work is appreciated with several more rows knitted to her project. From the first photo to the last only 13 minutes elapsed.  My intention was to follow-up on the finished product but sadly I forgot until the next morning. Unfortunately, her miracle had disappeared so this is all I have documenting her work.

web 7

Watch this busy lady work, ignoring the fact she has an audience. For a moment and perhaps the first time in my life this E’ville Woman forgot her fear of spiders and  appreciated the talent before her.

Can you imagine what this girl could do with a hammer and a nail? Simply brilliant.


  1. That is an amazing web! We are familiar with the challenge of getting the dog our during the rain. Maddie doesn’t mind the rain, but when we get back on the porch, she want’s her head to be dried first.


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