Thursday Kortula Doors, Part one

Yes, I am late to the Thursday Doors party, but I bring gifts! A bounty of beautiful doors made of wood and iron, some stained some painted, and all guaranteed to please and have you daydreaming of your own Croatia trip where walking the narrow streets and alleyways reveals lovely doors such as these. My day trip to Kortula is where I hit the mother lode of doors and I find myself in a quandary deciding what to include…I  believe this will be a ‘to be continued’ post due to the many door photos I brought home. And you’re thinking so what’s the problem??? I know, bad problem to have, right?

No. 138
Small but strong
Whitewashed and crumbling, still beautiful
Locked up tight!
Pretty in Pink
DC 1904


Doorway to a door over a door. What????
“There are so many doors to open. I am impatient to begin.”  – Charlie Gordan Flowers for Algernon

I will hold on to the rest of my Kortula doors until next Thursday, but hop over for a visit with Norm and his other door lovers for a peek at what they’ve offered up this week. Until next time…


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