Sun Sets

The sun retreats, gathering her ombre lavender skirt about her. Through the trailing panels of her evening garment, bright light glows offering the days final push for yellow warmth.

zadar sunset 1

zadar sunset 2

Like a tea kettle turned down, the sun’s simmering steam folds inward and she contemplates her need for rest. It has been a long day and no more does she need to be our center of attention.  Her journey is slow, deliberate, and calculated and never does she pack the same clothes.

zadar sunset 3

She leaves in her wake a pink cottony sweater signaling nature of the day’s end. The waves’ flow calms, flowers bend with gratitude, and the birds quiet in respect. We all absorb the energy exchange happening in this moment.

zadar sunset 4

As the horizon beckons her westward, the sun puts us to bed on this side of the sea. And as we slumber throughout the night cradled in her inky black slip the sun sets herself afresh for those just stirring awake.  They begin their day wrapped in her lacy white gown, hemmed in encouragement to embrace the new colors unfolding before them.

zadar sunset 5


  1. Oh, how lovely! Was this in Croatia too? I remember when I was hitchhiking along the Adriatic coast all the way to Split in my 20’s that I was told the best sunset was at Posedarje near Zadar.


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