Thursday Hvar Doors

While in Croatia this summer, we travel girls took advantage of the affordable boat excursions to nearby islands.  We quickly learned to purchase our boat tickets at least a day in advance to ensure seating for our desired departure and return times. When originally designing our two-week trip it seemed the month of June did not require much pre-planning which was a good thing as each of us girls was dealing with our own mini crises in our individual worlds.  Time nor energy were available to us for penning out a daily travel itinerary.

Once in Croatia, we realized how much there was to see and do thus late night, last-minute decisions very quickly became our modus operandi. I would not recommend this to anyone or for any other trip! With lots of Aperol spritz’s and Radlers proding us along in addition to Croatia’s dreamy June vibe and the somewhat reduced tourist influx, our ‘fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants-this-is-so-not-how-we-plan-a-trip’ hot mess selves managed to ‘get it all in’. And for this, I am grateful. And I need to mention, no state, I am directionally challenged, so I am eternally grateful for those who are not. You know who you are!!! Together we pulled off another memorable trip and while on a day excursion from Split, these doors I discovered on the streets and paths of Hvar. Take a look!

In Hvar Town we passed by a local dentist with an open door policy. We didn’t have time so kept walking.

wood hvar doorjpg

All arrows point here!

number 20 hvar door

Double whites.

white double hvar doors

Ocean green doors.

green hvar door

A scenic doorway drawing you toward the following photos…

stone hvar doorway

There are many churches in Hvar and this smaller chapel we stumbled upon while hiking the very rocky path toward the Hvar Fortress. In the closeup door photo below the inscription Zdravo Marijo (Hail Mary) is still visible.

hvar church on hill

This concludes our ankle breaking tour (gotta watch where you step!) of Hvar’s Thursday Doors. Next week I will share the remaining doors I photographed leading back down into Hvar Town. Right now let’s hobble over to (WELCOME BACK!) Norm at Thursday Doors to see what he found while away!!! Until next time…




    • Thank you, glad you find beauty in the doorless photos as well! I took this photo from the right of the church doors that follow. The church sits high atop the island affording us some lovely views down below.

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