Thursday Longwood Gardens Doors

With spring unfolding here on the east coast, it seems appropriate to share a few of the doors I walked through while recently admiring the lush and colorful Longwood Gardens in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Longwood is a magnificent garden conservatory and the country home of wealthy philanthropist Pierre du Pont. In 1906, Pierre purchased Peirce farm, re-named it Longwood, and within a year created his first garden known as Flower Garden Walk. A few years later he designed the indoor conservatory which was an extension of the du Pont home and original Peirce homestead. Influenced over the years by his worldly travels, Pierre brought back to the conservatory and surrounding gardens extravagant fountains, interesting architecture, and exotic plants and flowers that today spread across almost 400 acres. To read in further detail about the history and transformation of Longwood Gardens over the years, visit their site here.

Below are a few of the doors I walked through or passed while looking up, down, and all around. It truly was difficult to see everything in just one visit. I recommend a full day to take in the beauty if your schedule allows. And you still won’t see it all!








And of course I must share a few of the flowering stars of the visit. Thank you Norm for providing another Thursday Doors for your followers. Good Friday,  Happy Easter or Passover to all!


  1. I’m imagining the scent from all the flowers!

    My favourite door is the one flanked by all the pink flowers. Even the door itself is special with its smaller bottom portion and round handles to offset all the squares. Even the guy on the other side adds to the image. Basically, I just love the composition of this photo!


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