Thursday Barn Doors

I recently travelled to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania to visit my girlfriend who relocated there. Her home, a farmette, is perched on very old land, and her barn is an intriguing structure holding lots of spaces to explore. These lovely kitties reside within, along with two others, who warmly greet anyone dropping by for a peek.

The barn is a living historical statement. It was built in 1835 and according to local lore this barn (and the nearby original homestead built in 1726) was part of the Underground Rail Road20180315_082046.jpg

As you can imagine, there are plenty of ins and outs to this building so let me share them with you here. Note the small door hiding in the above photo, upper right side of barn.






This is the entrance of what is assumed to be one of the main-house support structures, the door long gone, its hinges still visible. The floor is earthen and the space not terribly large inside.20180306_172221.jpg

And this door belongs to my friend’s beautiful home where I was welcomed for several days of laughter, good food, and exploration of historical Kennett Square. I am thoroughly smitten with her cozy town and await my next visit. Hoping it won’t take so long for us to get together, Ms. Mills!!!20180306_171305-1.jpg

And because it is Thursday, you must visit Norm and the other door lovers who share their visions of door heaven from all over the world. Thanks for dropping by…until next time!


    • Kitties ALWAYS add a terrific dimension to any post. These sweet guys and gals stole my heart and had me missing my Gabbi. I just may be softening to the idea of entertaining looking at kitties in need of homes….

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