Thursday Keswick Doors

At Christmas, Mr. E’ville and I enjoyed a stay at lovely and stately Keswick Hall. Keswick, 20171223_105140.jpgas we locals refer to the property in its entirety, is a country estate originally built in 1912 for the Crawford family. Local architect Eugene Bradbury built for them the 8,000 square foot, two-story, italian style villa they so desired and it is upon this original structure, Villa Crawford, Keswick Country Club was formed 36 years later.

Over the years Keswick underwent several ownerships and transformations. When I first moved to Charlottesville in the early 1990’s, its then current owner was Sir Bernard Ashley, widower of fashion designer Laura Ashley. His goal was to maintain the estates original atmosphere by installing antiques and original Crawford family artwork. And this is what you would experience today if you visited Keswick Hall. But you cannot.

We were a few of the final guests to stay at the resort in December 2017 as Keswick is now closed for all of 2018 for a complete renovation project. All that remains open for their members is the Arnold Palmer designed golf course. No restaurants, spa, pool, or other amenities they normally boast for their members or Keswick community residents are available until the renovation is complete. I am curious to see just how they will update the interiors of the already elegant spaces. For now I have the ‘old’ Keswick doors to share with you until the new ones arrive! Enjoy your stay…

The holiday dressed entrance to Keswick Hall.
A view through several open doorways.





Because it is so pretty…
And because this was our final view before departing.

I cannot imagine how this place will be transformed when reopening in 2019. Will the strong blush, gold, and green Laura Ashley colors and fabrics dominating the walls and decor be replaced with a newer, contemporary palette?  And what new artwork will grace the hallways and restaurants? The ornate oriental carpets most certainly will leave to be replaced with seagrass, or perhaps sisal. The debut will be an exciting time for those who await Keswick’s re-entry to the social scene. Until then, I will listen for the local updates and anticipate another memorable stay at Keswick Hall with Mr. E’ville. Anyone else?

I wonder what other doors Norm is collecting for us today? Visit them here for a stroll through doors of all shapes, sizes, colors, and nationalities! Until next time…



  1. This looks like a lovely place to have visited. Like you, I can’t imagine what they might be planning for such a major renovation that they are closing for a year or more. I hope you are planning a revisit!

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