Thursday Confederate Doors

Turn away now if you even THINK you will be offended by this post! You will see doors from The Confederate Memorial Chapel that shares ground with the Robert E. Lee Camp Confederate Soldiers Home from the Civil War era. Consider yourself warned…

In the presence of three Virginia Historic Landmarks on the same property, daughter and I enjoyed a history-rich outing in Richmond, Virginia over the Christmas holiday. On this particular day, we visited the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA, and VHL #1) to see the TerraCotta Army exhibit. This is an incredible archeological wonder I will save for another post. Today, green chapel doors.

The Confederate Memorial Chapel (VHL #2) was erected in 1887 as a place of worship for surviving soldiers and mourning family members left behind of those killed during the Civil War. Interestingly, it’s funding came from both confederate and union veterans along with private citizens. The chapel remained active until 1941 which correlates to the closing of Robinson House (VHL #3), the nearby residential facility sharing ground with the chapel that housed sick or indigent southern Civil War veterans.



As you can see, the doors do not vary in design, color, or size but the building is pretty and its quaint neatness is what caused me to stop when we exited the Virginia Museum. Walking completely around the structure I appreciated its simplicity while respecting it purpose.20171227_124532.jpg


Upon further research, I am excited to return for a look inside the chapel for comparison. Is it as humble as its outer shell? I also have the Robinson House to look forward to following its outside renovations. For more information about these Virginia Historic Landmarks, read here.

And when you are done with my confederate grounds, bounce on over to Norm and the gang to re-visit Thursday Door Posts from 2017!

A Happy New Year To All!

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