Passive Thursday Doors

Today I am lucky enough to travel to Texas and Louisiana without leaving my house! How you might ask? I have terrific friends who recently travelled themselves and texted to me a few door photos they thought I might like. And I do! So their photos are my Thursday Doors post for today…Thank you Kim and Lisa! ♥

Below is the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas, sent to me by Kim. What a great shot capturing two doors in one! Kim, did you even realize this at the time? And look at the clamshell feature above the urns.  I’ve not visited the Alamo myself but would like to should I make it to Texas one day.


And here is a dual purpose folding door serving also as window in (a bar I think) Austin, Texas.


And the very same week Lisa sent me this photo from NOLA. I adore the apple green paint and trim on this door and know I would have photographed this beauty myself had I been walking this same street.


Thank you ladies for sharing  YOUR doors with me, allowing me a day to kick up my feet and simply click and post! Time to head over to Norm’s Thursday Doors to see what the others have posted for today. Until next time…


  1. You have good friends!

    I love the Alamo door. I actually visited there once when I ran the Half Marathon in San Antonia a few years ago. Sadly, I lost all the photos from that trip somewhere between moving from one computer to another.
    It’s nice to see that beautiful facade – I honestly don’t remember all that great detail.

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  2. I like the NOLA door, but I love the Alamo door. I was at the latter with my family when I was a child, but that was SO long ago that I don’t really remember it. I’d love to go again. I have mixed feelings about visiting NOLA but it probably doesn’t matter, as I’m unlikely to get there. Too many other places I really want to visit.


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