Strength and Peace

Where have you been? I haven’t seen you for nearly a month and I’ve missed you so! But yes, let me take the blame for it is I who has not come knocking on your door, or tapping on these keys sharing my thoughts with you for so long. I’ve allowed everything else to cram in the way of what keeps me sane, makes me smile, connects my energies and as a result I have become one cranky mess of E’villeness. But today I heard words from a complete stranger who reminded me how important it is to remain focused, especially at this busy time of year.

I almost did not make it to yoga this morning. I was wildly running through the house gathering all the items I would need throughout the day for the many stops I’d make after my yoga class. Running late, and following a school bus on the two lane road into town, I practiced deep breaths so I would not skid into our studio like the maniac I felt I was in the moment. Four in, six out…until I fell in line behind the man in the red truck with hands clutching coffee mug and cell phone. Just what is steering his truck I wondered and why is his foot only on the break and never on the gas? Time to move on to five counts in and seven out…just get me to the main road and all will be fine.

And it was. I arrived to my gym, slid into my spot and noticed a new instructor smiling back at our class. I usually am all about new and different, truly I am! I like switching up routines to see what another has to offer. But this morning I needed to be on autopilot, memoryflex, the ease of knowing what comes next with no thinking required. Surprisingly, my new yogi was just what my heart, soul, and body craved.

In her tone, she immediately talked me down from the ceiling to my mat where I remained for 55 minutes. In her intentions for us, I found my own intentions. I pulled out stored energy and braided its tendrils into new calm stretching the length of my soul. In her words, she brought back to me the very simplicity of how we are to be each and every day with strength and peace. I am paraphrasing but what she read to us was a quote similar to this –

“Peace is not the absence of turmoil. Peace is rising above the turmoil and remaining focused there.”

To rise above the turmoil, always, would be saintly. And I doubt I can achieve this as I am rather emotional and reactionary. But today, my yogi’s words quieted my racing mind and gave me better focus moving forward. “Peace is not the absence of turmoil.” I was reminded in a cozy, quiet yoga studio that in these busy days where we work extra hours, or shop online after dark, or are wrapping while eating dinner (I did this tonight!) this is simply life.  But when it gets truly out of hand I must give myself permission to rise above it all, honor what rests at my heart’s center, and remain focused there. ☮


In response to the Daily Post’s Daily Challenge, Saintly.


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  2. Your narrative drew me in. I envisioned myself in your world of hurry and busy-ness and in your subsequent zen place. A beautiful and very creative way to tie in the “saintly” Daily Prompt. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful words. Yesterday was just one of those days when it all fell into place…and right when I needed it most. I believe we all have had this experience. I am grateful to have been listening to the message being served me. They are all around if we are open. Happy Holidays to you!


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